Braces Prep 101

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Braces used to be associated only with children, and they had a negative stigma that inspired many unpleasant names. Today, it’s very common for both children and adults to receive orthodontic treatment, though some people still find braces scary because they are unsure what to expect from treatment and after. We offer the following tips to help you prepare for braces and have a successful orthodontic experience:

– Treatment length: Overall, it typically takes one to two hours to place braces on your teeth, depending on which type you have chosen.

– Placement process: First, we ensure your teeth are clean and dry before we place a bonding glue on the tooth surfaces that attaches the brackets in place. Next comes the the arch wire, which is usually held in place with elastic bands.

– Comfort: While receiving braces is not uncomfortable, some patients experience soreness in the teeth for a few days following the braces being tightened. This can occur with the monthly adjustments, but should go away after a day or two.

– Diet: To help with the braces adjustment, we recommend eating soft foods that don’t require chewing, such as ice cream, yogurt and soup. Cold foods are a great way to help with any soreness you feel after treatment.

– Remedies: If you have poking wires or your brackets rub against your mouth and cause sores, you can use orthodontic wax to protect your mouth. Persistent sores can be treated with a saltwater rinse that you use for a few days.

Adjusting to braces is a process, but it can be made easy, and Dr. Tal Jergensen and our team are happy to help. We invite you to contact Miles of Smiles at 951-693-9373 today if you would like to learn how to prepare for braces in Temecula, California, from our orthodontists.